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The American University of Rome has provided an American liberal arts education to students from all over the world seeking a unique and extraordinary educational experience, 1969. It is the oldest American degree-granting institution in Rome, Italy, and currently offers 10 Bachelor degrees and 3 Master degrees. All programs are taught in English.

Overlooking the historical center of Rome, The American University of Rome is a traditional American college located on top of the Eternal City’s highest hill, offering a spectacular view of the city and the surrounding hills.

The defining aspects of the programs taught at AUR are: 

  1. All programs combine theoretical understanding with practical experience , and classes are often taught on-site throughout Rome and Italy.
  2. Abundant opportunities to gain real-world work experience through internships with national and international commercial companies and NGOs. Over 75% of our students will undertake an internship; many will take two.
  3. AUR has a relatively small student body of just over 600 undergraduate and postgraduate students. Classes have a low student-to-staff ratio, creating an intimate learning environment and engendering in-depth discussions in the classroom.

AUR is a not-for-profit university and we work hard to keep our tuition fees as affordable as possible. Lend Edu estimates the average cost for four-year higher education at an American non-profit college is around $50,000 per annum. At The American University of Rome, the cost per annum (including accommodation) is just over $36,000. This, combined with the lower cost of living in Italy, represents a significant saving and means that our students can graduate with a much more manageable student loan overhead.

The American University of Rome participates in US Title IV Direct Lending to cover the estimated cost of attendance. Our Financial Aid department is dedicated to guiding students and parents through the process of applying for, disbursing and managing these loans.

AUR is wholly committed to assisting students whose academic merit and financial need warrant recognition and support. To this end, we have a range of scholarship options available.


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